Pomon Enkelit - Boss's Angels - brings the best of the best solutions for the bosses and themes. The tools include powerful assessments, trainings and coaching sessions for Leaders, as well as workshops for the teams. They challenge you to take all the existing potential into use, to multiply your success stories and to find new ways to create the best results ever. Who is The Boss? - Any courageous Leader, Manager or Superior who wants to challenge Boss's Angels and herself/himself to achieve the best possible working life and results by inspiring leadership.
Boss’s Angels are experienced, business minded, brisk and brave coaches and trainers with the latest knowledge related to leading people and a proper training in coaching. They are familiar with several different fields of business i.e. sales, media, marketing, telecommunication, international business, logistics, research and the state authorities. Feel free to visit LinkedIn to find the details on us.

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The secret of Boss’s Angels is combining the findings of positive psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and our own real life leadership experience on a solution focused way. And the belief that anything is possible.

The ways of working include
1. Helping you in finding the potential and success stories of your organisation.
2. Bringing the findings of researchers and best practices of other companies to your attention
3. Coaching to combine the above mentioned and to realize new ways of working that are ready to be taken into use immediately.

Are you our next Boss?
Please contact to discuss further.